Sunday, May 1, 2011

Carbon event

I spent most of yesterday in the city at ACMI for 'Carbon' which promised to be amazing, but I felt came up a little short! If you where present you would have been witness to a serious spread of opportunities but not many that actually materialised. In short this event was not curated or narrated well if only they had spent some time in preparing a direction instead of trying to fill the bill with names! It turned into more of a portfolio showing than an event worthy of the price tag. I can see what I need on the web, also I would heva been happy to have a brief video summary of each artists work presented at the start of each session, then each speaker could draw on relevant folio pieces to support their discussion... The only time the discussions seemed to touch on anything relevant was when led by the questioneers at the end of each seesion. Myabe a guided presentation would help those nervous presenters through, it's not a given that all creatives are natural public speakers, or even organised enough to be presenters. I hope events like this take off, AG ideas & Semi Permanent support our creative culture, and they are needed to nuture our future but we really need focus.

I hope today runs smoother for those who attend, and I hope that next year the event is far better.