Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hope you like salmon for breakfast

Crisp, clean autumn morning air!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our first movie date

It was over 20 years ago - took her to the movies, we saw Cry baby - and she's been in my life ever since... love that girl

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kick Ass - Broken thumbs UP!

Go check it out - plenty of profanity and violence though, so if your not a fan - avoid it - but I totally enjoyed this twist on the comic book superhero...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yeah Earlyman!

have a listen

Long shadows...

this morning - collins street paris end - I can't see

A must see! OWLS on opening night!

Get Lost, Find Something - the latest works by Darren Henderson - is opening Thursday 29th April at Gorker gallery, 395 Gore St Cnr Kerr St - Fitzroy - come on down for a beer, look see, general be coolarama event -

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some ash!

Here is a collection of images from Iceland - last 3 are pretty impressive.

Matching couples

Ok - so KP caught me out on this one - today I was guilty of the matching couple syndrome!

Normally you spy this phenomena at Chadstone shopping centre - or some save the fur campaign featuring supermodels, but matching white T & matching blue denim - same brand - look out it's on the rise... love you two MJ & KP...

iPhone - real deal or lost in the hype

I'm not sure - but if it is real - it's gonna be a cool looking phone - funny how good Apple are at taking you off track with their designs and then when you are used to 'Applelook' they switch it right back to what all tech items used to look like - look it's white, now its black, now it's square, now it's........ got more memory - anyhow - here's an interesting suggestion of the new undercover iPhone by - thanks for the link JP - have fun in Barcelona!

Another cool pool

So it's been done before - pools overhanging the footpath - see through bottom - The Adelphi, Flinders Lane had you tumble turning in fear - but now Chapel St has joined the swim squad with The Olsen, opp Como - yep they have a half indoor half outdoor pool which has an entire lane overhanging the footpath 2 stories below - freaky - next time your drive past take a look - try not to crash into a tram or parked car, if you can, you got some skills.... note in this pic the hyperblue - that's the water of the pool, no glass between the vertical columns above the pool height -

Something wacky on youtube - NAH!!!!!!

Yin to the yang
Totally Hi-Tek Ninjas
Motherfucking big in Japan

worth a watch

+ Yolandi is SO good - wicked hair cut...... chicks got it happening.......

Firstly, what you missed, if you didn't go...

Ron Mueck - sculpture exhibtion at NGV - it was beyond amazing - this guy was born in Melbourne, moved to London - eventually commissioned to do a work for Saatchi (of Saatchi & Saatchi fame) this was the start of a shift from special effects & prop making for film into the fine art world - this NGV show was something I'm very happy I got to see, I'm inspired.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bear Boat

Tobie turned 36, so why not get all your friends to dress up like an escaped zoo collective on a s.s minoe barge and set us afloat on the yarra! Great idea - it was like Madagascar blurred into Beverlly Hills 902010... Happy birthday TC - there are all sorts of photos out there of escaped animals roaming the yarra - here are a few...

Pelligrinis - yup!

We went to the comedy checked out Terry Alderton (UK), so cool - after lots of laughs why not head on up to Pelligrinis the Melbourne Italiano pasta institution for a gang bangin ol paztizzziel - good work ER.

Friday, April 16, 2010

It all starts with pedestrians

and then pram pushers, then cyclists, then parked cars, then speeding cars, then the environment - then the whole of Melbourne is more important than their neighbour and then....

you get eaten up whilst your just trying to go somewhere in life...


Thursday, April 15, 2010


I need some upright stability... luckily I went to a fantastic new osteo yesterday, thanks to a recommendation from Holl - thanks!
Body Unity - body on it's way to unification... all parts connected... back on track... now for pilates

Do It Robot Baby

New hoodie - sweeeeeet - Do It Baby - Chapel St Windsor

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So busy swimming up stream at the moment

I've been busy of late -which is great, back into drawing, got some painting coming up, tattooing, designing.........and blogging! Might see you over a coffee soon......

All clean now

It's been a long time since I've seen red bricks at Sth Yarra station - some of the best pieces have occupied this glorious six wall gallery for years on end, I've seen them so many times when travelling into the city.... so I was very surprised to see the bricks had been cleaned back to their original state, opposed to simply blanket painted out. I'm sure that something will be there soon enough...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not only is it confusing to navigate

but the new freeway over Lorimer St is designed with multiple leaning angles, never seen them before thanks to DCM.... as if it isn't hard enough to pick the correct lane, let alone navigate through arches that look like they are falling over as part of the movie 2012....... I like the look of them actually.....check out the latest issue of The Skateboarders Journal to see a killer gallery shot by Steve Gourlay on pg 136, Jake showing the freeway how he likes to ride it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

While you were asleep

These cool owls are on their way to my p.o box at the moment - can't wait for them to over see my sleep at night -
And when I need to wake up the morning I'll go grab a coffee from my mate Adrian at the wall - lean over Darren Henderson's Owls peering at me to welcome the day... April 29th Darren has an exhibition of his work at Gorker in Fitzroy - I'll be there for sure...

Pixels By Patrick Jean

I like to watch really cool animation - this is one of the coolest I've seen in a while - ain't no pixar toy story - but it pays homage to the arcade 8-bit youth I had with a touch of smooth anti-alias!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meow ow!

My cat Dim Sim is so tuff.... when he was in vet prison doing canine time - he got some killer ink from Mr.Cartoon

Otatts & his upcoming world tour

One of the amazing creatives I get to work along side of is Otatts - a.k.a Owen Williams - he did my flaming tailed turtle tattoo (say that 12 times really quick) - finished? Anyhow he works hard, has a soft touch for pencils and ladies illustrated - and is very inspirational to be around. He's about to head out on a world tour for 3 months and expand his horizons even further!! As you can see it's not all glamourous in the tattoo game, sometimes the view isn't that good.... check out his artwork here

My Favourite View O Melbs

As I ride back to the city, which happens a few times a week, I swing past Brighton and peer over the ridge to see a cool line of boat sheds, like a set of colour pencils all line up on the sand - in the distance the heights of Melbs CBD - all framed by the bay - whether it's miserable or sweet and sunny - this view is always one I like to see -

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's knot that small in smalltown

My friend Sezwah - has lots of time on her hands and she makes very beautiful macrame - you should definitely check her site out - it just went up today!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Royale @ Jungle Juice

Sat - 'a.m'
Meal - 'Royale'
Coffee - 'Soy 3/4' x 3

Good scene...
Good company - CM

The Legend Of Fire - Harold Freedman

This is one of my favourite murals in Melbourne, it's at East Hill fire station - luckily I ride past it a few times a week and it leers down at me from the side of the concrete tower of the fire station.

No Glory in war, or the images he saw

This blog has some well composed iphone polaroid pics to sift through - everyone has access to imagery on tap with this digital revolution - a client of mine was talking about his job at Etihad stadium and how when he was there whilst the roof was damaged during our hailstorm the other week, well he manages the corporate boxes, so all the commentators were texting him straight away asking to have images sent to them of the destruction at the stadium - instant image satisfaction. Kids have got their hands on cameras, younger & younger - unlimited shots - image overload - keep your eyes open - things are changing...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

If I could play Galaga I'd get one

If I can play Galaga on the iPad - then I might just get one - in 2012 - cause they might be out by then... but this would be the only way to play it.!!!

Good bird

inkship gets inkfist -

Friday, April 2, 2010

another blog -

Stay true Nacional cycling has had a site up for a while but we've just started a new blog - if you wanna check it out the link will be in my list to the right, or click here

I got an idea lets spend millions on an outdated system

Not really sure why the transport system in Melbourne bothers implementing new ticketing systems when they should spend some funding on securing the stations, proper gates & fencing to stop ticket evaders accessing stations, put the conductors back on the trams.

This new Myki system is already outdated and cumbersome compared to the Oyster system in London, which mind you, the Metlink management evaded paying for that technology and are now paying the fine with a system they can't get off the ground.

It's 2010, and it was meant to be in place from mid 2007. read more here It's typical of the powers that be in Melbourne to patch a current problem instead of preparing for the future with smart systems that will benefit our growth.

It doesn't seem like Myki is ever gonna get off the ground - read more here Not surprising really, I seem to see more out of order machines every time I travel.

Don't reckon I'll be buying a Myki card, i'll just keep using the other failed ticket system they still have in place.

If you have ever been to Paris, London or NYC - you'll see how the transport system can actually work.